Need Help to remove scratches from glass? Dr Scratchless is your glass scratch repair specialist with protective solutions for all your glass needs

Glass Repair services

Dr.ScrathLESS we service Commercial, Industrial, and Residential markets. We are state-wide service provider that can remove all types of glass scratch damage with flawless results. So whether the damage is on a commercial store front window, a hundred story high rise building, high end custom homes or a window on a car, we can repair the damage at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

Anti Graffiti Film Installation
Acid Etch Graffiti Removal
Glass Resurfacing
Glass Scratch Repair
Hard Water Stain Removal
Lime scale Removal
Mineral Deposit Removal

We believe you should do one thing, and do it well. Scratched Glass Restoration and Protection solutions are our only business. It requires in depth training and experience. Do it right the first time. So don't just let any cowboy practice on your expensive glass. Give Dr. Scratchless a call so we can restore the view to the next best thing to replacement.

We Remove:
➢ Deep Scratches
➢ Acid Etch
➢ Mineral Deposits
➢ Hard Water stains

As well as damage resulting from:
➢ Grinding Sparks
➢ Fabrication Debris
➢ Graffiti Artists
➢ Construction Clean up
➢ Improper Handling
➢ Dog Scrapes
➢ And Much More...