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Scratched Glass Restoration And Protection Solutions
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Residential/ Commercial/ Domestic and Indurtrial/ Automotive

Scratched Glass

Window Filming & Tinting

Graffitti OFF

protective coatings 

hard water stain

Acid / etching removal

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Need Help to remove scratches from glass? Dr Scratchless is your glass scratch repair specialist with protective solutions for all your glass needs

Residential/ Commercial/ Domestic and Indurtrial/ Automotive

Dr. ScratchLESS Glass Repair Melbourne


Is your window damaged? Scratched? Chipped? Give Dr. ScratchLESS a call to discuss all of your glass repair options.

Dr. ScratchLESS offers premium window glass replacement across Melbourne. We specialise in commercial premises and shop fronts. It’s important to note that you need not throw away damaged, chipped or scratched glass. Quite often we are able to restore scratched glass for a fraction of what it would cost to replace. Glass repairs needn’t be expensive with Dr. ScratchLESS.

Dr. ScratchLESS offers a variety of services for glass repair and replacement.

Scratched Glass Restorations: Most glass scratches are less than the thickness of a business card. We can feather out the damaged area and restore your glass to that brand new look. Often there’s no need for glass replacement.

Window Filming and Tinting: Protect yourself from the hot summer sun with our window tinting.

Graffiti OFF: Sick of dealing with graffiti? Our Graffiti OFF provides your glass with a protective barrier that prevents paints and inks from sticking to your surfaces.

Seal ‘n’ Peel Protective Coatings: Protects glass and helps keep frames clean during construction. Protects glass in a variety of environments.

Hard Water Stain Removal: Perfect for windows near garden sprinklers and water features. Protect your glass from the build-up of water.

Acid/Etching Removal: Acid has become the new weapon of vandals. We can help you remove it and prevent it from happening in the future with our Anti-Graffiti film.

Anti-Graffiti Film and Safety Film: With our safety film you simply peel if off the vandalised windows to reveal no lasting damage.

Dr. ScratchLESS have all necessary insurance and work safe method statements as well as site safety cards that you may require for all of your window glass replacement needs.

Dr. ScratchLESS performs glass repairs all over Melbourne. Operating 7 days a week, 7:00am – 5:00pm and operating after hours if required. Call now on 1300 796 881


Commercial premises and shop fronts are our specialty.  Builders, Property Managers and Insurance Companies please note - you need not throw out damaged glass caused by scratches. We have all necessary insurance and work safe method statements and site safety cards that you may require. We restore glass for a fraction of the replacement cost.