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Glass Resurfacing

Fabrication Debris- What is fabrication debris? The majority of the scratches found on tempered glass result from poor glass quality. The surface quality of tempered glass will have a direct effect on the possibility of scratching the glass during cleaning. Low quality tempered glass has fabricating debris fused to its surface which at the time of cleaning has a very high likelihood of being dislodged and dragged across the glass surface resulting in scratching.

Most problems in this area are due to lack of maintenance on the washer and tempering furnace. If the glass washer and tempering furnace are not properly maintained, fabrication debris will build, making them less effective in cleaning and tempering glass. Due to this, the glass will exit the washer of much of the fabricating debris still present as the glass is sent into the tempering furnace. Once the glass is inside the furnace, the debris will begin to liquefy and fuse itself to the roller side surface on the glass and to the furnace rollers. It is this fabricating debris that causes the poor quality surface and the scratching on defective tempered glass. When a window cleaner removes construction debris from the glass surface, they also remove these defects which scratch the glass as they are moved across the glass surface.

What can be done?
In all likelihood you will have scratches all over one side of the glass. The same process we use to remove scratches confined to a small area of damage on your glass we will now use to repair your entire glass pane. We simply will grind the entire surface of the glass. This process is more time consuming, but is easily achieved by a competent glass Technician like Dr. ScratchLESS.

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