Graffiti Removal

Graffiti Prevention & Removal
"If Graffiti Vandalism is an ongoing problem for you, we provide a range of anti-graffiti coatings that offer up to 20 years protection against graffiti and chemical free cleaners that are easy to apply and prevent the need for harsh chemicals".

Need help to remove scratches from glass? Dr ScratchLESS is your glass scratch repair specialist with protective solutions for all your glass needs.

Need Help to remove scratches from glass? Dr Scratchless is your glass scratch repair specialist with protective solutions for all your glass needs

Graffiti Removal & Prevention

Looking for graffiti removal in Melbourne? Look no further than Dr. ScratchLESS and our excellent Graffiti Off product that takes the stress out of dealing with recurring vandals. One simple procedure will protect your windows for the next twenty years and offer you peace of mind.

Graffiti Off is our solution for easy graffiti removal. It provides a protective barrier, suitable for a variety of surfaces that simply prevents inks and paints from being able to penetrate the surface of your windows and leave a permanent mark. Graffiti Off is so powerful that any ink, paint and markers can be removed by simply washing the surface with hot soapy water.

We have successfully tested and used Graffiti Off on a diverse range of surfaces including: buildings and fences, automotive vehicles, road signs, caravan parks, local playgrounds and picnic areas to name a few. It has proven to be extremely popular for graffiti removal at educational facilities, local government buildings and transport companies, who have seen a significant reduction in vandalism attacks and the expense of general maintenance and repair costs for their businesses.

Graffiti Off has even been used on legal artwork. Just like a storefront window, it is important to protect the artwork and ensure that it is not ruined by vandals. 

For those looking for graffiti removal from surfaces that are not protected by Graffiti Off, our range provides a chemical free, environmentally friendly solution that anyone can use for unwanted graffiti removal in Melbourne. Unparalleled in its performance and ease of use, Graffiti Off is simply one of the best cleaners on the market.

When used to remove unwanted graffiti, scuffs or marks on walls, Graffiti Off will get to work straight away and remove any unwanted marks without the need for scrubbing.

Available for commercial projects and private use
All of our products are suitable for both commercial and private application. If you own a building or property and wish to ensure that it remains clean and free from vandalism, or has been the victim of tagging and vandal ‘artwork’, call Dr. ScratchLESS to discuss your graffiti removal options.

Graffiti Off – Protective Coating
Graffiti Off is a revolutionary vandal prevention coating which also protects interior and exterior walls from scuffing, marks, stains and resisting all known graffiti methods for up to twenty years.
Graffiti Off works in much the same way as a non-stick frying pan. Paint and contaminants can initially gain traction on surfaces, but with the application of the coating they are quickly and easily removed using nothing more than mild and safe cleaning agents. In many cases warm soapy water is all you will need to produce a perfect graffiti removal.

Our Graffiti Off coatings use close knit chemical bonds to facilitate shadow free removal without the surface underneath being damaged. The quartz crystal hardness ensures you won't need to reapply the coating once removal has taken place. Our product has been tested extensively in graffiti removal in Melbourne for your peace of mind.

If you need to protect a surface permanently from vandal attack, then this is the product for you.

Key Features:
• Resists graffiti and protects coatings. Stops absorption of tags and marks, while enhancing other coated surfaces to provide long term durability.
• Apply to any surface!
• Compatible with clean metals, brick, concrete, tile, mortar, timber, and plaster, plus many more. Or use as a protection over existing coatings.
• One coat – easy application – permanent finish.
• Weather and UV resistant.
• Up to 22 year’s protection.
• Graffiti washes away easily with safe removal products.

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